little angel of death

Little Angel Of Death

First time i saw her: Death is a cute little thing - Old Version

Second time i saw her i thought she hates war and soldiers, but
it turned out she just loves to kill: Little Angel went to war

The third time i saw her she found a sword.... and some pirates
Little Angel found a sword

Santa really was a pervert. He loved to have little boys and girls
sitting on his lap, but now he messed with the wrong girl:
Bye bye Santa

Of course she loves pets like everybody else, especially if
they are flesh eating snails:Little Angel got some pets

After having joy with the snails Little Angel decided to go for a
somehow bigger pet. Unfortunately it turned out that a horny,
young dragon can be very annoying: Stupid Dragon

Little Angels talents got recognised by a certain organisation, so
they made her a offer she could not refuse. Well.... actually she
did refuse: Rejected Offer

Little Angel got a problem with the inquisition, only a minor
problem that was solved quickly: Reversed Inquisition

He is tiny, he is mad and his diapers are loaded: Say ya Prayers Little Brother

All she wanted was to enjoy some tea in silent but the stupid barkeeper bolshy insisted that the is to young to have some rum in her tea. Bloody Tea Time

Little Angel meets the Tentacle. Her conclusion: Tastes like chicken ;)
( Apologies to all tentacle fans )

Some Aliens had a encounter of the third kind ehm... terminal kind

Little Angel has a crush on porn mongers, so he is allowed to live

The end of Pinhead and the Cenobites Pinheads last moments

A worthy opponent... maybe a new friend? Diclonius

Siblings, you can't live with them, you are not allowed to kill them. Or... are you?

Fortunately not all of them are abnormalities like chairmans or politicians.
Actually she harmonize rather well with some others of them

Her aunt got a part-time job as genie. So, don't rub the Wrong Magic Lamp

A visit at the playgrounds of her childhood. Some of her old playmates still seem to remember her. Playground

There are times even the most quiet and well-adjusted girl feels like: Raising Hell

Just another Angel Of Death (fixed)

Sometimes death comes Out Of The Blue

Seems like it's not the first time she visits this Sleazy Bar


Some of them are pissed of Worthless Opponents

Another is the Queen Of Fire


Maybe it's because english is not my first language, but every time i hear "Illegal Alien" a pic like that
comes to my mind: Illegal Alien at Work


You want my tentacles? From My Cold Dead Fingers! My Tentacles

If tentacles are outlawed...then only outlaws will have tenacles! Tentacles Outlaws

You may not aware, but there is a lot of strange censorship going on. Save the tentacle monsters!
Tentacles need love too

There is the Hulk, there is the She-Hulk, here is the incredible SheMale Hulk ( nudity )
The Mad Scientist

The creation of life always was a favoured topic for mad scientists since frankenstein, but this one prefers
to create more well-shaped creatures: It's alive

It is little-known, but Mad Scientists love to have fun too: Shocked personal assistant

Little Angels favourite Artists Board

Pirates Have More Fun

Free Speech Coalition